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Be Your Own Bank

Build your own Private Bank and Tax Exempt Retirement Fund using
Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance

Many people view life insurance as only an expense, but when structured properly it can be one of the most effective wealth building strategies available. A properly structured Dividend Paying Whole Life Insurance policy ensures that your death benefit grows every year and that cash values grow daily within your policy tax-deferred which you can use to fund purchases during your working years and give you tax-free retirement income down the road. This way you can fund yourself, rather than having to deal with the bank. 

Benefits of the BE YOUR OWN BANK concept: 

  • Guaranteed Estate
    • From the first premium paid the insurance company commits to paying out a death benefit to your loved ones, whether you pass away at 35, 65, or 105. 
  • Guaranteed Cash Value Growth
    • Cash values are guaranteed to grow within your Be Your Own Bank policy (tax-deferred) which you can access to fund your business, to invest in an opportunity, or use to as tax-free retirement income down the road. 
  • Guaranteed Principle
    • Your cash values will not fluctuate with the markets. They are guaranteed to grow, and see no losses.

The BE YOUR OWN BANK strategy 
is one of the best ways to build generational wealth, grow businesses, build children's education funds, and have more income in retirement. 
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