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Financial Education That Matters

What you will learn in this seminar: 

  • Financial Strategies that will give you Liquidity, Use, and Control
    • Liquidity - Having access to your money, at anytime, for any reason. 
    • Use - Being able to use your money whenever and for whatever.
    • Control - Having control of your money at all times. 

  • Organizing your money
    • Budgeting
    • Planning Cash Flow
    • Holistic Financial Planning

  • Mortgages
    • The inner workings of traditional mortgages 
    • Effective alternative strategies to pay off properties more quickly, with more liquidity, use, and control.

  • Retirement Planning 
    • RRSP's - Advantages/Disadvantages. Are they as beneficial as we are led to believe?
    • Tax efficient strategies to prepare you for retirement

  • Insurances
    • How to minimize financial risk from a lost income, due to a disability, critical illness, or death. 
    • An age old and proven way to grow your wealth safely and predictably, using insurance strategies.
    • Preparing your children for financial success through insurance strategies. 

  • Investing
    • How to choose investment options that meet your needs.
    • Investing Strategies that minimize market risk. 

  • Other topics include:
    • Debts
    • Minimizing Taxes
    • Annuities
    • Guaranteed pay cheque for life?
    • Financial Myths
    • Blueprint of a successful financial plan

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