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Financial Strategies To Get Ahead

Financial Strategies To Get Ahead is a one day seminar designed to equip people to build a strong, healthy financial plan for themselves, their families and their businesses. 

This seminar offers practical strategies to structure your finances for success including how to build a plan so you've got the Financial F.A.C.T.S - Flexibility, Accessibility, Control, Tax-Savings, and Security - you want. 

When you attend this seminar you will learn how to save on taxes, pay less interest, grow your wealth well - safely and securely, protect your income, organize your income, deal with debt more quickly, pay off your mortgage faster and with more control, increase retirement income, invest your money safely with greater reward. You will also learn some of the financial myths that many of us believe will bring financial freedom, but are actually threatening the financial freedom we strive for. 

Seminar Topics Include: 

  • Current Financial Landscape
    • Where we are now - what is working and what is not. 
  • Solid Financial Blueprint
    • Strategically building a healthy financial plan.
  • The Infinite Banking Concept - Become Your Own Banker 
    • Creating your own Private Tax-Free Banking System while growing tax-free retirement income. 
  • Protecting What You Have
    • Ensuring consistent income no matter what happens 
  • Organizing Income
    • Structuring your Cash Flow for financial success. 
  • Dealing With Mortgages and other Debt. 
    • Strategies to save on interest, and payment time 
    • Alternative mortgage strategies. 
  • Saving and Investing
    • Safe, predictable strategies to build wealth  
    • The advantages and disadvantages of the RRSP. 
    • Alternative, tax-efficient strategies to prepare for retirement. 
    • Choosing investment options that meet your needs and goals. 
    • Minimizing market risk. 

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