Become Your Own Banker

You can take control of your money using the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC), where

 you combine banking principals with dividend paying Whole Life Insurance.

Let us teach you how to use specially designed, dividend paying whole life insurance to put the banking function under your control. Recapturing interest payments that otherwise would go to outside lending institutions gives financial independence to business owners and households.

With Infinite Banking plans, your money is safe and averages higher returns than a high interest savings account. Its growth is exempt from taxes, and your money is accessible to use at any time to make purchases without interrupting its growth! Having constant uninterrupted growth on 100% of your cash, even while you use it, is one of the hallmarks of the Infinite Banking Concept. With these plans, you are creating your own private banking system and growing tax-free retirement income at the same time. You are building wealth, building cash-flow & building a family legacy. 

The Benefits of Becoming Your Own Banker

Guaranteed Estate
From the first premium paid the insurance company commits to paying our a death benefit to your loved ones whether you pass away at age 35, 65 or 105. 

Guaranteed Cash Value Growth
Cash values are guaranteed to grow within your policy (tax-deferred) which you can access to fund your business, invest in an opportunity or use as a tax-free retirement income down the road.

Guaranteed Principal
Cash values don’t fluctuate with the markets. They are guaranteed to grow and see no losses.